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Qingdao Zhonggao Machinery Co., Ltd..

Qingdao Zhangshi Group Zhonggao Machinery Co., Ltd.

Since 2011, Qingdao Zhonggao Machinery has seized the opportunities brought by the trend of globalization and the rapid development of the automobile and other consumer industries. It insists on customer-centered, striver-oriented and continuous innovation based on customer needs, and has won the respect and trust of customers. From a small and micro enterprise based in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, with initial capital of only a few equipment, it has rapidly grown into a modern company with annual sales of 20 million RMB. Today, we are committed to promoting the level of Chinese manufacturing industry through meaningful development in the field of automotive axles, automotive transmission screw and parts processing.

As a major supplier of automotive parts, we serve the leading brands in the field of automotive gas springs worldwide, and have successfully applied to end-user Volkswagen/Toyota/Benz/BMW/Ford/Hyundai/Great Wall/Chery and other passenger models. We are also committed to the major axle and tube components of furniture and seat products, and make the end products widely sold to IKEA and other companies. In the store. We focus on continuous R&D of products, innovation driven by customer demand and pre-treatment technology, design independent equipment and process improvement, and become a supplier of SKF lubrication and oil injection equipment major components.

In recent years, through the unremitting efforts of the company's leadership and all staff, Qingdao Zhonggao Machinery Co., Ltd. has made a certain scale of development, has expanded the second and third phase of the plant. The factory covers an area of 60 mu (40,000 square meters) and employs nearly 100 people. The company has imported dozens of German/Japanese CNC lathes, thread rolling machines, data processing centers, Taiwan's high-precision grinders and other processing equipment and imported precision testing instruments, and strictly and comprehensively implemented the international quality management system ISO 9001 and TS16949 standards.

  • 2011



    Annual sales scale

  • 60 acres

    Factory area

    10 stat

    Import processing



In the process of his own development, Zhang attaches great importance to cultivating his own corporate culture and invests a lot of energy in building it. At present, Zhang's culture has been widely recognized by Zhang's employees, and even affects personal values. Therefore, it can naturally be reflected in the daily behavior of organizations and employees, thus forming Zhang's present organization. atmosphere

Zhang's Corporate Culture Outline

Core values of enterprises: customer-centered, quality-oriented, self-breakthrough, keeping pace with the times

  • Enterprise Mission

  • Company purpose

  • Enterprise goal

  • Corporate Vision

  • Enterprise Spirit

  • Enterprise creed

  • Enterprise Platform

  • Quality Policy

  • Core Competence

  • Service concept

  • Market philosophy

  • Safety Concept

  • Enterprise competitive advantage

  • Enterprise Orientation

Focus on the challenges and pressures of customers, provide competitive products, keep up with customer development, keep up with the trend of the times, and continue to create maximum value for customers.

reate value for customers, create wealth for society, create opportunities for employees, obtain returns for investors, and win development for Zhang Shi.

to build an international brand, achieve a hundred years Zhang Shi!

To be a company respected by people of different skin colours.

Forward forever, never give up, everything is possible!

Only by heart can we do a good job, there will be opportunities for hard work, pay must be rewarded.

Build a platform to pay hard, create wealth and share wealth, never let the company's "iron man" suffer losses;

Build a green platform with sincere health elements, and build a harmonious and pleasant working environment for team members.

Build a complete management system platform, through the company's sustainable development to achieve the goals of the company and employees;

Build a transparent company system with sunshine and make complex things simple.

Create perfect quality with heart, and make a little progress every day!

Strugglers are the most precious wealth of enterprises. The carrier of enterprise core competitiveness is team. The healthier the corporate culture is, the higher the degree of team members'practice of healthy culture is, the stronger the core competitiveness of the enterprise is.

Customer-centered, heartfelt touching customers!

Customer-centered: Creating value for customers is the foundation of Zhang's existence. Internal team should attach great importance to the information transmitted to the company by departments and colleagues closest to customers, and respond positively to the needs of departments and colleagues closest to customers.

Move customers with heart: The more difficult it is to satisfy customers'needs, the more surprises and emotions it will bring to customers. Only when we exceed the expectations of our customers can we move them.

Market philosophy: the market does not believe in tears!

Market competition is cruel, Zhang may be kicked out of the market every day, crying, useless, only to defeat competitors Zhang can survive. The same is true for employees. If they don't work hard, they will be eliminated by enterprises. It's no use crying.

the market does not believe in tears!

Market competition is cruel, Zhang may be kicked out of the market every day, crying, useless, only to defeat competitors Zhang can survive. The same is true for employees. If they don't work hard, they will be eliminated by enterprises. It's no use crying.

Safety Forever First

Zhang's implementation of safety management is a commitment to the safety of employees, the importance of team members'occupational health, the need for business development, but also the care of people and social responsibility.

facing customers, engineering businessmen with keen insight and appeal

Hardworking Delivery Manager Good at Winning Customer Trust

R&D team daring to set up military warrants

Heroic support teams are springing up everywhere to move customers

Being a responsible person shoulders civic responsibility, corporate responsibility, team responsibility, family responsibility


year 2010

  • Qingdao Zhang's Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in November 2010

  • Qingdao Zhangshi Group Co., Ltd. was established in November 201

  • Achieved Qingdao High-tech Enterprise Qualification in 2010

year 2009

  • ISO/TS16949:2009 Quality Management System Certification

  • Passed ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification in 200

  • In 2009, it passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification

year 2008

  • Qingdao Jingda Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in January 2008

year 2004

  • Passed ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification in 2004

year 2003

  • Qingdao Zhang's Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in May 2003

year 2001

  • Qingdao Hongzhi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2001

year 1999

  • Jiaozhou Lianyou Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 1999

year 1998

  • Jiaozhou Licha Ximing Machinery Factory was established in 1998



Supply products of superior quality, technology and performance to different automotive products of almost all major vehicle manufacturers

  • 1

    Domestic market share number 1

  • 306 million

    Export sales in 2018

  • 308 million

    2017 export sales

  • 168

    Highly cohesive employees


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